Friday, June 17, 2011

Yosemite's Half Dome

Half Dome is located at the eastern (?) end of the valley. It somehow seems dwarfed by El Cap when you drive into the park because El Cap towers directly above you and Half Dome is much further away, "out of reach" driving in.  But Half Dome is higher in elevation (over 4700 feet) and access is more difficult (I think).

Half Dome - note the snow on the top and ledges below

Tori posing with Half Dome in background
Yet another view from the valley meadows
The Snake Dike (5.7R) is a route Randy and I considered, but several factors dissuaded us - snow on top (see photos); the cable route was still closed - that made it unclear if the vertical supports would even be up and therefore the descent could be hairy; a 3+ hour/6 mile approach for a multipitch climb of 8+ pitches and an unknown descent. Sure, let's go! NOT.
Original pic from iPhone

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