Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Revival: God Bless Rock

I've heard this is one of the warmest and least snowiest winters on record. Since moving to northern New England in 1992 I can never recall a winter so mild and mellow. But if you look at the weather history stats you'll probably discover I simply have a bad memory.

Annie soaking in sun and slab
 There was a day in late January or early February this year when it was warm and likely dry enough to climb outside. I wish I had made it a priority that day, but I didn't. We have been pulling plastic (climbing in the indoor gym) for a few weeks now and it's been fun. But NOTHING equals the experience of being outside scaling real rock. It rejuvenates the spirit and feels so good beneath the feet and the fingertips.  Add sun, wind and a 50 degree day in early March and it doesn't get much better.  Annie and I climbed today and it felt like a Sunday revival of our spirits.
Even the lichen feels good again!

I imagine Rumney and the Gunks were hopping today with weather this fine.  Glad we didn't need to make the trek. We are looking forward to some time in both places this spring, but are more excited to be getting out to The City of Rocks in late May and early June.  It's Annie's turn this time for a big birthday and since she was rained out of a chance to climb there last year, we put the City back on the agenda.  If the weather stays like this in Vermont we should be well prepared.