Monday, June 27, 2011

Hospital Corner

If you like a big stemming corner with hand jams, finger locks and laybacks, and if you want to climb like that for some 120 feet, visit Hospital Corner (5.10a) at Lover's Leap. This is one of the most spectacular pitches of climbing I have done and is most memorable. I have no photos of this climb so here is one I borrowed from Mountain Project.
Photo credit goes to "Annie from Bishop"
The first pitch goes at 5.8 and has a tricky crux.  The second pitch is of course the money pitch.  I found it very sustained and technical.  The stems are BIG requiring more flexibility in the legs than I truly have - as a result I was quite sore the next day!  If this is your limit you will likely find this to be a thrilling whole-body workout.  Climb it well and you won't be spending any time in the hospital!

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