Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo Flavors

I am posting a variety of photos that are intended to give a taste of the flavors here in Idyllwild.  The mountain town is quaint mix of specialty shops, restaurants, bakeries and lodging business (inns, B & Bs and cabins).  There are 2 campgrounds in town (we are staying at Iyllwild Park run by Riverside County - a gem of a park!) There is a small organic grocery and health food store, bakeries, coffee houses, 2 gas stations, 2 lumber yards/hardware stores, a laundy facility and of course the public library. At first glance the town appears to be in good shape. But on closer look and in speaking with local business owners here, it is clear the recession/depression has taken its toll on Idyllwild and there are many people living here in very hard times.  The tourism appears to be essential to the town's livlihood.

Idyllwild Village

Idyllwild looking north with Tahquitz Rock looming in the background. 
Photos do no justice for scale.

Many businesses in town have wooden bear carvings. The local who does these carvings has this display at the south end of town

This humurous sign is in front of a retail shop called the Grey Squirrel

The bear carver has this carved frame positioned
 just right for a view of Tahquitz Rock

Sugar Pines are large and spectacular!

The pine cones dropped from the sugar pines are enormous!
(One litre bottle for scale)

Suicide Rocks as viewed from high on the approach trail to Tahquitz

Stella, a 14 year old sweetie in the campground.
She just ate some yogurt and has some left on her face.
Climbers from San Diego who were loads of fun.
L to R: Jen, Brad, Anne and none other than Meredith

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  1. Love the pictures Jean. Looks like a sweet little town!