Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picking Up Where We Left Off

It's amazing how awkward and effortful climbing feels after being away from it just a few months. With only a few visits to the climbing gym this winter, tying back in and moving over stone has one feeling terribly rusty. The muscle memory has atrophied and the movement seems far less intuitive than it did just 4 or 5 months past. Aaah, do not fear, it all comes back quite quickly provided the weather cooperates and the opportunities to climb become regular and frequent.

The north side trail

The hike up the north side of the ridge is still thick with corn snow some 10 inches deep in places. Alas, the south side is baked in sun and almost all the snow and ice has disappeared, excepting some of the final gully melting. Rack up, tie in and let's climb!
Note the flip-flop, indicating plenty warm on the south side