Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Rock Remedies

Annie and I made it to Vegas in fairly short order Sunday. Finally dry and now climbing in the sun. Monday we climbed Cat in the Hat and Tuesday Olive Oil. Picture perfect days , but sorry no pictures!!! A little yoga and stretching at the campsite this AM then we sought out and found a new sport crag with some "mellow" routes. Well the grades may have been mellow but the rock is super sketchy as the routes were only bolted 2 weeks ago. The operative term here is "rock!!!"

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  1. Annie and Jean...Thx sooo much for the super fun weekend in Vegas/Red Rock!!! Not only did Jean provide shuttle service back and forth to the airport(and twice to REI and had every right to smack me the second time, but didn't) she also guided us through the maze of canyons. I LOVED it all, the Panty Wall, Magic Bus, Tonto and my all time favorite the Topless Twins! You guys are great...I'm so lucky to have you as friends :)) xo ~Rosie