Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family First

My first true stopping destination is Gaylord, Michigan.  My oldest brother lives here with much of his offspring and their families. My father and his wife moved here a few years ago at the urging of my 2 brothers - my father is 84 and has slowed significantly in the past years.  His health is not great but actually he is doing quite well for his age.  Most 84 years olds with 5 stents inserted over 10 years ago aren't getting along as well as he is.

I have told close friends of mine that I believe this part of my journey to be the crux.  Unfortunately, my father and his wife are about as polar opposite as one can be from me when considering our belief systems, political affiliations and allegiances.  This is a very conservative and evangelical part of our country. My brother and their families are all employees or servants of the bible college and baptist church here.  Needless to say my lifestyle likely does not put me on the path to heaven.  While arduous, I calmly persevere - after all, family IS family. I love my father and my brother because I see beyond the preaching, moralism and castigation. We share many other wonderful things, mostly childhood memories and appreciations and that is enough.  Besides, my father's dog Winston provides much needed comical relief.
Sir Winston poses before his holy shrine

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  1. That photo is just perfect counterpoint for your family narrative. Don't ask me to explain it either. Starting your semicentennial, visiting family this way feels perfect also.

    When did you get so good at teasing out the brighter threads in the tattered tapestry? Rhetorical question ...