Saturday, March 11, 2023

Blog 2.0 - 2023, The Arizona Chapter

 It's been nearly 4 years, and if nothing else there are some photos and stories to share on the latest adventure to Tucson, Arizona.  There was plenty to blog about between 2019 and now, but the days, weeks, and months of life pass rapidly - especially in the wake of a global pandemic (SARS-COVID-19.)   Having been almost 12 full years since I started the blog and with some new adventures on tap, why not pick it up again?

Italy (2020) was thwarted by COVID and travel by air is still risky, but we haven't gotten sick yet. So needing to use our Delta airline credits we figured air travel within the US was a safe bet - not for preventing illness, but mostly because if we did get sick we'd be in our home country in an AirBnB where we could be relatively comfortable.  Having always wanted to check out the climbing on Mt. Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona we booked flights to the southwest.

Our new climbing friend Marty wanted to join us and we were meeting up with Randy and Beth from Colorado while there.  Other than the unexpected TWO snowstorms and Marty getting COVID on Day 3, the rest of the story is told in photos and captions below.

Day One, Tucson Mountains - the road was closed to Mt. Lemmon.
So we climbed a choss pile called The Saloon

Cut couple, eh?

La Milagrosa Canyon. "5.11 Heaven", but we climbed the easy routes

3 hours of hiking trying to find the wall in La Milagrosa, then 3 hours of climbing.

Oh No! COVID Marty at safe distance for afternoon happy hour at the AirBnB

Annie topping Scorpion King at The Forehand Wall

From Sabino Canyon you see the second snowstorm during our visit

Iconic saguaro cactus

Lots of water running in the creeks

The Watering Hole cliff at The Zoo crags just above Molino Campground

Climbing Deer Direct (slabby sport route)

Zoo animals after climbing at The Zoo!

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