Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Yes, It CAN be Done Better!

We were most impressed by the way things are done both in Seattle and in British Columbia.  It all seems to center around simple courtesy and respect.  With very few exceptions, everyone we met in public spaces, on the trails and in the retail shops and restaurants were happy, friendly and delighted to serve.  Even the cashiers at the grocery stores and the housekeeping staff in public restrooms were delightful!  We talked to Canadians some about their view of Americans and for the most part, they still like us as people but are dumbfounded about where our country is headed and what our policymakers and politicians are up to. No surprises there.  Here are some photos to characterize some of the good and better ideas we came across.

Example of trail beauty  at Skaha Bluffs
Nicely maintained

Nicely marked! Includes a crag map!

I can't believe I haven't yet seen this at climbing areas that we frequent in the U.S. 
And we saw not a single dog at the climbing crags the 2 days we were there.
A welcomed non-sighting!

In Squamish, they have similar signage and pretty ample restroom access.  This was my favorite sign!

Doggie bag dispensers are throughout the city of Squamish
And by the way, in Washington State plastic bags are banned (or so it seems) at the grocery stores.  If you don't bring your own bags and use the paper bags you are charged 5 cents per bag.  In BC we found there were plastic bags but the cashier ALWAYS asked politely if we had our own bags and when we didn't we felt ashamed.  From what I understand, Canada approaches the issue in a more voluntary and incentivized way. They call it the 3 Rs of product stewardship - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In Seattle, bikes rule the roads.  It sometimes seemed there were as many bicyclists on the city streets as cars (not of course on the highways which are riddled with bad traffic).  And eBikes are available everywhere.  We used the bright orange JUMP bikes (rent via the Uber app) to get back from downtown to our friend's house one afternoon.

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