Monday, December 16, 2013

A Worthwhile Appeal

If you are a climber you know how important it is to preserve access to the public and private lands which host our prized crags and cliffs.  You should also know there is an organization whose primary mission is to maintain access to climbing lands through advocacy, education, land acquisition and much more - that organization is The Access Fund.

The Access Fund is running a two-day "sale" of sorts on its membership, which is vital to its mission.  If you aren't already a member now is a great time to join.  If you are a member and it is time to renew, you can get 20% off your membership renewal.  And finally if you are a climber (or not) and want to see the mission of the Access Fund carried on, please consider a gift membership for someone you know who climbs and may not have a membership.

Click here to see more about the Access Fund and their special offer tomorrow and Wednesday.


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