Thursday, August 29, 2013

Climbing Cousins

Yesterday Annie and I hosted my cousin's son (I think that makes us first cousins once removed?) Christopher for a day of climbing.  Chris has experience climbing indoors and sport climbing outside, but has never really done much traditional climbing and was interested in learning more.  With the weather forecasted for afternoon T-showers, we thought it best to stay relatively close to home. So Deer Leap was our venue of choice.  We arrived at the base of the Main Wall ready to do The Center Crack when it began to sprinkle.  By the time Chris was climbing the route it was raining quite steadily.  We thought our day was going to start and end quickly, but fortunately, the showers passed and the sun returned and the rock dried quickly.  While we waited for a little drying time we did some ground school with gear placements. Moments later we were back on the rock.  Here are a couple of pics of Chris climbing in style (and posing well, too!)

Chris cruising up the final moves on a 5.10 variation of The Monkey

The day would not be complete without a visit to the pub. We chose The Long Trail Brewery pub and each enjoyed a fresh Long Trail brew of our choosing.

Thanks Annie and Chris for a fun day!

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