Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the Future

Esther looked like this on May 1st,
 and  also when I arrived home
 eleven weeks later

I got home to Vermont a few days ago.  Arriving home was so sweet actually, because, after all, it is HOME! Of course Annie and Grace were there to greet me as soon as I drove in (how wonderful to see them!)  When I left May 1st I don't think the trees were even budded out yet - now everything is brilliant green from the warmth and moisture of the New England summer.  The inside of the house looked and felt a little different when I first entered - although it hasn't truly changed.  It is funny how our minds fool us somehow, dontchya think? What I mean is that when you are away for a while, things always look a little different when you come back.  The dog looks a little fatter or darker or something.  The yard looks a little smaller in size. The walls look brighter or lighter. The cat looks...  well, ok, the cat looks EXACTLY the same!!! The goats were mostly indifferent to my arrival - except for Purslane who is smart and came running over to me for her kisses. The kids look good. And Tuni hasn't changed one lick.

I was smart and allowed myself several days of "re-entry" - a transition period.  I figured that after being away for almost 11 weeks and living the leisure life of climbing most anywhere and anytime I wanted (a little stretch, but in principle, not really), I would need some time to unpack and settle in before getting back to the routine.  In my first few days home I have received calls for assistance with computers - not surprising really. So I hopped right back in today and made calls, appointments and caught up on emails or loose ends.  Why is it that when you plan an extended trip it takes weeks, months, even years to prepare for it and get everything ready, but as soon as you return it take mere minutes to get back into the old routine again? Maybe that's why they call it "routine?"

Well, from a climber's perspective I played my cards quite nicely.  Northern New England suffered a LOT of rainy weather while I was out west enjoying abundant sunshine (the weather apps I used even call it that "abundant sunshine"!) Granted I have returned to some pretty hot and humid weather, but it is late July and this stuff doesn't last (in fact today it was quite cool again with some light rain).  I have another 2 months of good climbing weather to look forward to and hope to get all over those rocks in the Adirondacks, North Conway and Franconia Notch.  Besides, I improved my crack climbing skills so I can't wait to get on some of the cracks on Spider's Web, Cannon, Cathedral and Whitehorse. (Quick! Before I forget what I've learned!!!) Now that I am back at work, I just need the weather gods and goddesses to synchronize the good stuff with the weekends.

Kim and Mars from Australia,
posed in front of their Eurovan
with Blanche in the background
I received a nice email from a climbing couple I met in California - they are Australians on a one year hiatus from work/home life to climb all over the US, Canada and perhaps Europe.  They bought a 2002 Eurovan in CA and of course we immediately began the van-speak when we saw each other at Lover's Leap campground.  A super fun couple.  Kim hit the nail on the head when she emailed me about returning home. She said the best way to deal with getting back to the routine of work and all the not-so-exciting feelings associated with that is to immediately start planning your next trip!  She is so correct - and I do that everytime.  If I do not have some sort of climbing adventure planned I am lost.  So not only do we have the rest of our summer weekends planned out, we are talking about next year when Annie turns 60 and another far-away climbing when adventure tour must be arranged.

One more thought. If you are actually one of the few people following this blog, please know that I am retro-blogging, now that I am home and have sorted through some photos. I have already told a story about climbing in Yosemite that replaced a previous iPhone blog post which was not detailed.  I will continue to do this as time allows and I hope folks will check back often and comment.

(Side Note: If you are interested in following Kim's climbing and travel blog, it can be found at

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  1. Welcome back home. It was nice reading along on your journey. Glad you had such a nice time and and hardly missed any beautiful New England weather.

    Abundant Sunshine. Pffffft!